Catbackward: A Tale of the CIA

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ISBN: 9781457533167
300 pages

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Corby Miller learns after a few years in Thailand that nothing is quite what he expected on his arrival as a novice in exotic Bangkok at the height of the Cold War. Keeping tabs on the large Soviet mission is a continuing challenge of surprises and upsets--even involving his uneasy relationship with the Thai security police and the British Embassy's MI6 operatives. Everything has to be continually assessed in terms of who is doing what to whom--and why. Intrigues and divided loyalties compete in a world of mounting deceit, treachery, and blackmail.


About Frederick Sparn

A native of Colorado, Frederick Sparn received a BA from Yale University and an MA from The Russian Institute (now The Harriman Institute) at Columbia University.



The tapes had all run out. Seven tapes, on seven machines, whirled endlessly on their empty reels in the hot, dusty room. This had never happened before, even on busy weekends-like last year's Cuban missile crisis when the Soviet embassy was alive with activity-meeting its couriers traveling to Phnom Penh and Jakarta to the east, and Rangoon and Delhi to the west.

I punched the stop button on each recorder and killed the clacking and slapping noises. The room plunged in silence. I felt insulated from the clangor of the crowds on the street outside. The air-conditioning had stopped, and so my sweating hands left sticky tracks on the telephone tap equipment.


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